Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, Good News and Good News

Well, first set of good news, I found the perfect boy bedding on Etsy. I am seriously in love with it!

Giddy Up Cowboy

click on the link to see more pictures of it, and look around her store to see all the other cute stuff

In other good news, I went to the doctor this morning and found out Im having a girl!!!!! Yup, so I found the perfect boy bedding in just enough time to not be able to use it lol. Im still really excited though. I think since I havent found any girl bedding that I really like that I might just go ahead and start making my own. I figure if it doesnt turn out, I always have a back up bedding set that I like that will do. But also if i start on it now, it gives me time to mess up a few times before "Madi" gets here. Right now I am planning on making a rag quilt, with matching bumper, and bed skirt, and then just buying a coordinating solid color sheet. I am no good at working with elastic, so I know that making the fitted crib sheet would be way beyond my capabilities. Ill post pictures of whatever I decide on

And here are a few pictures from the Nashville Zoo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

So I finished my first bag! I was going to try to put in pockets but I didnt have enough material left after cutting the main bag, and flap pieces. So this one was basic but I have to say that I think it turned out pretty well considering the material I used for the outside was freaking thick and really stiff! I will be going to Walmart tonight to pick up the snaps for the stroller straps. I passed on making the messenger strap because it would have been way to difficult to flip the material right side out with the canvas material. Here is a quick picture of the bag now, and then I will post other pictures of it tomorrow. I am taking it with us to the Nashville Zoo, so I will see how well it holds up. :)

And I know I will probably have at least a small post on here tomorrow or Sunday, but you can definately bet that I will have a post on here Monday. I got to the Dr Monday and Hubs and I will find out what we are having! Boy or Girl!!!! I might even have a little video of it to share! Yay!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Craft Session Obsession

So today's post might look a little bit like a project bookmark location lol. I have a new site I am obsessed with, She is a creative genius! So today I am going to put links up to all of my favorite projects, and tutorials (she has step by step instructions with pictures) that I am going to attempt to recreate. Now most of these are kiddo related, but she also has tutorials for home, re-purposing clothes, holiday, no sew, and recipes. You really need to go browse the site if you havent before! Oh and all the light green titles are links to the page where the tutorial is!

Project number 1 - Stroller/Messenger Bag

This project she shows you how to make your own messenger bag, with a long messenger style strap and two small straps that perfectly attach to strollers, keeping the bag up and away from your feet. Basically you can attach it and not have to worry about your feet/legs hitting it every time you take a step.

And here is a tutorial on how to make a pacifier carrier you could make to attach to your messenger bag

Project 2 - Sippy Cup Leash

So this project looks simple! There's like three steps and you get a cute, and convenient leash for sippy cups to stop them from falling out of your kiddos reach, and worse falling on dirty floors.

Project 3 - Painted Canvases

Again, super easy. Paint a few canvases the color of your choice, find some silhouettes that work for the room, nail together, and hang. I love this one especially because it doesnt just have to be for a kids room. If you have a nature-esque styled room use leaves as your pattern and vines.... whatever you like. The end product is cute classy and adds a lot of splash with little artistic ability!

Project 4 - Knit Blanket/Knit Hat Combo

Adorable! This is one I am a little cautious about trying. It looks simple but Im not great at sewing stretchy materials yet... so its going to be interesting to say the least when I decide to tackle this project. But if nothing else I like how she made the appliqued letters, that looks simple, and I think I could manage that for other projects.

Project 5 - Snuggly Owl Plush

Love this project! I have been searching etsy and had found several owls that I loved and wanted to make, but unfortunately those were for sale and therefore had no patterns. I tried (unsuccessfully) to make my own pattern and owl but....yeah, that didnt turn out so great. This tutorial actually comes with a pdf pattern that you can download.

Project 6 - Basic Stuffed Elephant and Giraffe

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, make adorable stuffed elephants and giraffes!

Project 7 - Scrap Pieced Baby Bib

I think this will be a simple and easy project, that will be great to customize a couple bibs to your little one's "outing" outifits. That was always my little pet peeve. When Monk was younger and we were going out somewhere I could never find bibs that would match some of his cuter outfits. With the new little bundle of joy that wont be an issue, Ill just make a bib that matches.

Project 8 - Ribbon Lamp

I like this idea. With the new little one on the way, we are thinking that at least temporarily the kiddos might share a room. Now that will be easy if its another boy, but if its a girl we are trying to find bedding that fits with outdoors/camping/garden/birds/owl.... type of a design lol. So if I can find a couple of cute nuetral lamp bases and some white shades, I can then find coordinating ribbons to make the lamps match the room and each other.

Project 9 - Light Switch Cover

So I like this idea because if you, like us, live in an apartment you cant paint and that makes it really hard to add color to your rooms. This looks like a cheap, quick and easy way to add a little pop.

And Finally

Project 10 - Gathered Top Panel Curtains

I love these! Again not something that has to be used for a kids room. Great idea for curtains in any room in the house... Im even thinking when you sew them to the top gathered piece you could sew in an extra layer of sheer or just another color of material that is loose to make it flowy but also block out light, instead of using the blackout material which can sometimes be expensive.

Here is another curtain idea

Gathered Curtains With Ties

Now Im sure I will think of other projects that need to be done as well (as a matter of fact I have a few friends that I started making projects for awhile back and time has just slipped away from me...) So I am going to dust off my sewing machine and get back to crafting!

Ill post pictures of anything I actually accomplish

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mrs Meyer's Why Do You Hate Me?

Ok so really that might be overly dramatic, but I am very sad to find out that Mrs. Meyers has discontinued the Baby Blossum scent that is made specifically for babies. It is seriously the best smell in the world. On the website though they are still selling the laundry detergent, so I will have to stock up on that before it becomes extinct as well.

So Hubs and I were talking about how much we love the baby shampoo, and have decided that we are going to start to fade out our existing cleaners and start using the Clean Day cleaners. They smell wonderful, are safer for households with young children, and still just as effective.

Ok on another note, I might be addicted to craigslist and eBay. I have been on there non-stop looking to see if theres anything I need. I did find two super cute cell phone cases, and the diaper bag that I want is also listed. But since my sister is PREGNANT!!!!! I might have to fight her for the bag. hahaha But yay for my pregnant sister!!!!! Im am soo stinkin excited for them!

UPDATE: (2011.07.22) I was looking at various baby websites getting wishlists together when I found that on BabiesRUs they sell Baby Magic shampoo that is supposedly Baby Blossum scented. Although I was enjoying finding alternatives to the Johnson's and Baby Magic brands if the smell fits, I just might buy it! I will keep you updated!!!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I was doing my usual blog stalking, and someone purchased a playhouse that was adorable for her little girls. So I went to the website and all I can say is WOW! These things are awesome!

Sweet Retreat Kids

Its not letting me save a picture to show you but trust me you want to go to that website and look around. If we ever win the lottery or get a permanent backyard (although at this rate that wont be until the kids are well on their way to highschool) I want the deluxe Timberland treehouse that is painted to look like Winnie the Pooh's house.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Stick Family

My Stick Family from

I thought this was cute and easy to make, the only complaint I have is that the options for the guys was limited. They had the option of a regular guy, business man, carpenter, and fireman. No police... no military at all... no hippie/surfer guy... just kinda limited. But other than that super cute!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swimming in a Sea of Yuck!

So I have been feeling like crap-ola for the past few days, which has been great for my blog stalking, but not so great for anything else. I was looking just the tiniest bit tan when I got back from Texas but now I have faded back into pasty-ness. I think I might talk Hubs into going down to the pool with Monk and I to soak up some vitamin D.

On a pregnant note, I have been looking for a diaper bag to use when this kiddo pops out. I had a diaper dude with Monk, but it was tiny and not very easy to get stuff in and out of. I had only purchased it so that Hubs would like using it, but he didnt even use it right anyway. It was supposed to be a messenger bag style that goes across the back, but he thought it was awkward so he just carried it with the strap balled up in one hand. So i figure if he is going to carry it like that regardless than I am going to get a bag that I like! So I was online browsing with my mom while in Texas and we found out that this FABULOUS purse line that my sister introduced us to (theSAK) but I really like the SAK roots purses. Most of them are completely VEGAN, which is why my sister likes it, and I just love the super cute materials and patterns. Anyways they made a diaper bag! Heres a picture:


I dont know who will end up buying this me or my sister, or maybe I will buy it and use it and then Jenn can use it... I really only use mine for the first 7 or so months anyway... I dont know, all I do know for sure is that one of us will be waling around with that baby bag!

Oh I almost forgot we took Monk turtle hunting around the lake this passed weekend and bought a little cage to put him in and everything.

Monk REALLY didn't want to touch the turtle!

Well Hubs started feeling bad the next day so he googled turtles on the CDC website. Well turns out turtles carry Salmonella! Luckily none of us got sick, but he was being all concerned Daddy and had me freaked out because Salmonella and pregnancy dont mix! Even if my symptoms were mild it could have caused birth defects or even death for the baby. So no more turtle hunts. And I went ahead and perused the "Healthy Pets" section on the CDC website and not only are turtles never going to be a family pet but I guess we can also rule out Guinea Pigs, and Sugar Gliders, two pets that Hubs and I had thought would be cute when the kiddos got older. If you are at all thinking of getting a pet other than a cat or dog, look them up on CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People and then browse by animal.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. -John Dickinson