Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where to Start...?

Its been a little bit since I last wrote, there has been a LOT of stuff going on! After the tornados at the end of April my dad came and picked us up and we were in Texas until last Thursday.

Monk and I had SO much fun! We got to visit with family and friends that we hadnt seen in a very long time (or at least it felt like it had been forever) It was fun because this was the first trip home that Monk was really old enough to play with his cousins. We also went swimming in my parents pool, and found out that if you put water wings on the boy he will SWIM! Not very well, and not for very long but considering he's only 21 months and never really been in a pool except this summer I think its pretty remarkable, although I understand that I may be biased.

We also went over to my MeMaws house and I made another batch of pickles. Hubs and I are going to the grocery store tonight to pick up stuff to make strawberry jam :)

It was so nice being in Texas and having someplace to go. There was always someone just as bored as I was that wanted to hang out and just getting out of the house you could see a notable increase in Monk's vocabulary.

Im sure that lots more stuff happened but Monk just woke up from his nap and I think we are going to take advantage of the beautiful day outside...