Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ho Hum...

Really Ho Hum describes it well. Since I last wrote there have been times when I was incredibly busy, and others extremely bored. After the passing of both sendoffs from Hub's unit, things have been pretty quiet. There are only like 10 guys left at Hub's unit right now including him. I have been hanging out with my besties, making blankets, undecorating my house, and rearranging furniture. I'm not complaining, I have been having fun, but nothing really interesting enough to post about after the fact. I really need to remember to try to post every week or at the very least every other week.

Oh I just thought of something pretty interesting/wierd! About a month ago I went to to Drs because I thought something might be up with my IUD, birth control, and they couldnt find it! After two ultrasounds and multiple examinations :( they found it and thankfully removed that defunct sucker! Although the abrupt removal of the daily hormones has thrown me a little and Im not feeling so sunny, I really do think that within the next week or so I will be able to see a difference in how I feel... Heck even though I feel like crud I still feel a little "sane-er" than I did before I had it removed.

Other than that, I have been volunteering with our FRG and although I am not a full fledged assistant (I have to finish off a few key pieces of the training) the ball is rolling and I have already started helping out. I have also been researching online colleges. I have found several that offer wonderful resources and courses geared specifically towards military spouses but they honestly dont have anything I'm interested in majoring in. I have debated whether or not to wait it out or just finish school with whatever BA would be fastest. That would give me a chance to bring my GPA up and then I could just enroll in the online courses at my hometown college since they offer teaching.

I have been wondering lately if one of the reasons I have been dragging my feet so much about school has anything to do with the fact that I no longer want to be a teacher... Im not really sure what I want to go to school for but Im pretty positive teaching is no longer what I strive to do. My main fear is wasting time and money on a degree that will only allow me to do one thing and then hating that career. I like the idea of getting a general business degree, because that offers a lot of different options...

I wish I had a talent at something. I mean there are a lot of Milspouses who are very talented at one thing and they turn that into their portable career. They are very handy with a sewing machine, or a glue gun and they sell their products on Etsy. They have the ability to go up to strangers and make instant friends, and they sell Avon or Scentsy. If they are gifted with a camera lens and they start up their own photography business.

I dont necessarily want one of those professions, although it does seem like any half twit who gets an expensive camera thinks they are God's gift to photography and thinks they need to charge people to use the expensive camera. Mainly I just want to be able to do something I love and get paid for it. So I guess the challenge now is to just figure out what I love...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Picture Day!

So I have updated my header with some new photos I took outside my apartment complex. My in laws came to visit my happy little family over the holiday break, and we decided it was too pretty to waste so we went outside and I snapped a few quick shots! I think they turned out really well considering it was chilly and Monk really didnt want to be held... he wanted to RUN!

Meet my Mother and Father in Law! This is proably my favorite picture from that day. I love how happy my MIL looks and it cracks me up that Monk looks so annoyed that we scooped him up off the ground.

We originally wanted to do some kind of big trip and take everyone some place. Hubs wanted to take them to Nashville, I wanted to go to the aquarium, my MIL and SIL thought that would be fun, but in the end we ended up just hanging around the apartment. It ended up still being fun, a lot less money, and let us talk more and kept them from having to drive anymore than necessary. Here are a few more pictures.