Thursday, January 6, 2011

Family Picture Day!

So I have updated my header with some new photos I took outside my apartment complex. My in laws came to visit my happy little family over the holiday break, and we decided it was too pretty to waste so we went outside and I snapped a few quick shots! I think they turned out really well considering it was chilly and Monk really didnt want to be held... he wanted to RUN!

Meet my Mother and Father in Law! This is proably my favorite picture from that day. I love how happy my MIL looks and it cracks me up that Monk looks so annoyed that we scooped him up off the ground.

We originally wanted to do some kind of big trip and take everyone some place. Hubs wanted to take them to Nashville, I wanted to go to the aquarium, my MIL and SIL thought that would be fun, but in the end we ended up just hanging around the apartment. It ended up still being fun, a lot less money, and let us talk more and kept them from having to drive anymore than necessary. Here are a few more pictures.