About Me

#Here are a few fun facts about me#:

1) I have been married to my wonderful husband since November 6, 2006. We have our problems just like anybody else, but I feel like we work together really well, and are able to overcome them. +

2) I type lol way too much. Most the time I don't even realize it. I have tried to correct this by typing haha, I'm not really laughing but I like to convey happiness, and that I'm in a good mood.

3) I also like to punctuate the end of each sentence with a "face" either :) or :(. Again it's something I'm working on. $

4) I have horrible typing skills. So if a sentence doesn't make sense it's not that I'm dumb (well not usually anyway) it's probably because my brain is going faster than my fingers and I'm to lazy to spell check.

5) I had my handsome son on September 17, 2009. I love him to bits, and my husband and I are thinking of trying for number 2 after January 2011.

6) I am a SAHM. It's by choice, and by necessity. I have days that I wish I could drop Monk off at daycare and go hang out with people who can talk. Or I think it would be nice to bring in a little extra money.  We aren't doing bad by any means, but a little extra never hurts. But Hubs schedule isn't consistent enough for that to happen and we can't afford daycare.

7) Because I am a SAHM it's the perfect time to finish my BA. I'm getting ready to finish out my last two years (really three semesters) of Early Childhood Education, although I may have to get a bachelors in Child and Family Development.

8) I am trying to lose weight so that I have more confidence, so that I'm in better shape, so that I'll be healthier, and so that I can be an active mom who's really able to keep up with my son once he starts running around. Also I'm tired of being so self conscious that I have turned myself into an anti-social person. Basically if I could lose the weight, I'll be happier, and therefore my family will be happier.