Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

So I finished my first bag! I was going to try to put in pockets but I didnt have enough material left after cutting the main bag, and flap pieces. So this one was basic but I have to say that I think it turned out pretty well considering the material I used for the outside was freaking thick and really stiff! I will be going to Walmart tonight to pick up the snaps for the stroller straps. I passed on making the messenger strap because it would have been way to difficult to flip the material right side out with the canvas material. Here is a quick picture of the bag now, and then I will post other pictures of it tomorrow. I am taking it with us to the Nashville Zoo, so I will see how well it holds up. :)

And I know I will probably have at least a small post on here tomorrow or Sunday, but you can definately bet that I will have a post on here Monday. I got to the Dr Monday and Hubs and I will find out what we are having! Boy or Girl!!!! I might even have a little video of it to share! Yay!