Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, Good News and Good News

Well, first set of good news, I found the perfect boy bedding on Etsy. I am seriously in love with it!

Giddy Up Cowboy

click on the link to see more pictures of it, and look around her store to see all the other cute stuff

In other good news, I went to the doctor this morning and found out Im having a girl!!!!! Yup, so I found the perfect boy bedding in just enough time to not be able to use it lol. Im still really excited though. I think since I havent found any girl bedding that I really like that I might just go ahead and start making my own. I figure if it doesnt turn out, I always have a back up bedding set that I like that will do. But also if i start on it now, it gives me time to mess up a few times before "Madi" gets here. Right now I am planning on making a rag quilt, with matching bumper, and bed skirt, and then just buying a coordinating solid color sheet. I am no good at working with elastic, so I know that making the fitted crib sheet would be way beyond my capabilities. Ill post pictures of whatever I decide on

And here are a few pictures from the Nashville Zoo