Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swimming in a Sea of Yuck!

So I have been feeling like crap-ola for the past few days, which has been great for my blog stalking, but not so great for anything else. I was looking just the tiniest bit tan when I got back from Texas but now I have faded back into pasty-ness. I think I might talk Hubs into going down to the pool with Monk and I to soak up some vitamin D.

On a pregnant note, I have been looking for a diaper bag to use when this kiddo pops out. I had a diaper dude with Monk, but it was tiny and not very easy to get stuff in and out of. I had only purchased it so that Hubs would like using it, but he didnt even use it right anyway. It was supposed to be a messenger bag style that goes across the back, but he thought it was awkward so he just carried it with the strap balled up in one hand. So i figure if he is going to carry it like that regardless than I am going to get a bag that I like! So I was online browsing with my mom while in Texas and we found out that this FABULOUS purse line that my sister introduced us to (theSAK) but I really like the SAK roots purses. Most of them are completely VEGAN, which is why my sister likes it, and I just love the super cute materials and patterns. Anyways they made a diaper bag! Heres a picture:


I dont know who will end up buying this me or my sister, or maybe I will buy it and use it and then Jenn can use it... I really only use mine for the first 7 or so months anyway... I dont know, all I do know for sure is that one of us will be waling around with that baby bag!

Oh I almost forgot we took Monk turtle hunting around the lake this passed weekend and bought a little cage to put him in and everything.

Monk REALLY didn't want to touch the turtle!

Well Hubs started feeling bad the next day so he googled turtles on the CDC website. Well turns out turtles carry Salmonella! Luckily none of us got sick, but he was being all concerned Daddy and had me freaked out because Salmonella and pregnancy dont mix! Even if my symptoms were mild it could have caused birth defects or even death for the baby. So no more turtle hunts. And I went ahead and perused the "Healthy Pets" section on the CDC website and not only are turtles never going to be a family pet but I guess we can also rule out Guinea Pigs, and Sugar Gliders, two pets that Hubs and I had thought would be cute when the kiddos got older. If you are at all thinking of getting a pet other than a cat or dog, look them up on CDC Healthy Pets, Healthy People and then browse by animal.