Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Direction... Not Really

So I kinda went in a different direction but not really on Madi's bedding. Friday I went to purchase the Lullaby Breeze bedding on the BRU site and guess what?!? They were no longer running the sale! I know! How dare they stop the sale right before I finally make up my mind lol. But its wasnt a total loss. I did find out that the facebook page for BRU had a coupon for its fans so I had the hubs like BRU and I liked it and then I printed out two 20 percent off coupons and we headed into the store. I had figured that the 20 percent off acutally gave me more of a discount when I purchased all the extras than the 40 dollars would have.

Anyways, Hubs and I head to BRU to buy the bedding only to find out they dont have it in stock! Good grief! But they did have the Happi Tree bedding, which I had seen online but had never been that impressed with. Well in the store, up close, you could see that the paisley print on the bumper actually had a lot of greens, blues, and yellows, and that the animals are somewhat textured. It is still really pink, but the bumper and the skirt or super cute as are some of the accessories. Also I might add that they had this one in stock (or so I thought).

So yeah, Im talking Hubs into this new pink explosion lol and I turn around and notice that they dont have any on the shelf. So I ask the guy who works there and he says that since the store is liquidating, that they can sell me the display for like 20 percent off and they will still let me use my coupon on it!!! YAY! So needless to say we bought the bedding. For the 6 piece crib set that was originally 189 we ended up paying 116! So Im excited that we got that so cheap, and I think I can make it less pink by purchasing a green and white polka dotted crib sheet, or aqua and white... you get the idea. Also since our BRU is liquidating the guy said that they will start doing markdowns on a lot of the items they have on display and the merchandise in general. So I need to call them and find out when exactly they will be closing, because they had a couple of cute gliders in there that I wouldnt mind having.

On the Monk front we have been playing with the idea of getting Monk a twin bed, but really we wont save that much space, so we decided to just go ahead and keep him in the queen bed. Its just too convenient to have that large of a bed ready to go when we have company over. Also if we end up getting a three bedroom at the new duty station the queen bed can always go in Madi's room and then we can purchase a twin bed for Monk. But for now we are just going to buy him the PB Kids truck sheets and let him enjoy all the room in his bed!