Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock - A - Bye Baby

So I have been looking at different gliders and rockers lately because we have decided not to use the glider we used for Monk. The arms were too low, and overall it just wasnt very comfortable for nursing. That and the glide was jerky... you would hit a "bump" and it always seemed to kinda jolt Monk awake. Anyways, my Momma was has been helping us look for something, and we both got really excited about BRU closing and the possibility that the rockers/gliders that they have in stock would go on sale. Well I dont need to worry about that anymore.

My wonderfully resourceful Mom started to look at real furniture places to see if she couldnt find us a rocking recliner, something that would work in our living room once we no longer need it for the nursery, and something that would be comfortable. Her search eventually led her to big lots where she found this chair:

Now I know it doesnt look like much, and that its not as pretty or as streamlined as most nursery rockers, but this chair is only 259, whereas most of the other gliders were closer to 389... this also has the recline function so when we are done using it as a nursery chair it can be a comfortable seating addition to our living room. The only thing is it doesnt rock and recline at the same time. But thats fine because I dont see that as something I would be doing a whole lot of anyway. We will be going to get this chair sometime within the next day or two, and then I will just need to find a reasonably priced nursing stool and I will be good to go!

Im really excited! We have been finding some great deals on stuff that we needed for Maddie (oh yeah I have to change the spelling because I got to choose the spelling for her full name, and hubs wanted to choose teh spelling for her nick name... Im choosing to pick my battles, and this is only a small victory for Hubs lol). We Maddie some bedding for 80 dollars off, and now we are saving about 100 dollars on a comfortable (and still compact) rocker, and I found a double stroller on Craigslist that is only 55 dollars and if we end up buying that, that alone will save us about 150 dollars. Im not cheap by any means but these were items I didnt mind saving on, because now I will have all that left over money for the fun stuff... the wall decorations! There are so many cute prints, and posters, etc. on etsy that I want really badly lol! Now Ill get to buy it all!!!