Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ho Hum, Im dumb!

So I have been stressing myself out a little bit lately trying to find the "perfect" bedding for Madi. I guess because I really loved the cowboy up set that I found right before finding out that I was having a girl and I kept expecting to find something that I liked that much for Madi. But I also changed in that the cowboy up set was going to be like 245 dollars and I really didnt want to spend that much on a crib bedding set if I didnt feel like it was going to be an heirloom piece.

I guess for Madi I wanted eclectic but I also wanted it to be a quilt. Something that would last, that I could put on a quilt rack and then eventually give her when she has her own kids... you know that kind of thing. And most baby crib sets just dont have that kind of lasting power. I found a gorgeous set on pottery barn kids that I LOVED! But Pottery Barn is just so darn expensive!!! For the 4 piece crib set it was going to cost about 280 dollars, and if I just got the quilt, and bumper it was still 200! Here's a picture:

I really liked all the bright colors and all the different patterns. And just FYI I love the way they styled the room! The dark letter words with the paisley behind it! Cute, simple, classy but still fun. So when looking for other bedding I was trying to find something that I liked as much as this set, but for a considerable less amount. And really I didnt find anything. I changed my mind on the "sweet stitches". Since I havent been able to see it in person Im just not sure if I really like the colors in it. I want something that has all different colors and I was worried that there was just too much pink in the bumper and skirt. So I have decided that I am just going to go ahead and go with the "lullaby breeze" set. They have a sale going on at BRU right now where if you buy any bedding set 159 or higher and then buy three coordinating pieces you get 40 dollars off. So with the 4 piece bed set, the diaper stacker, changing pad cover, and 4 recieving blankets and free shipping the total is only going to be 178! Thats a lot of stuff for really not that much money. Besides that by purchasing through BRU if I really decide I dont like it, or if I find something that I do love or whatever... I can return this to the store. So win-win!

Also, like I said earlier I like the idea of having an heirloom piece to hold onto and give her down the road, and I LOVE quilts, and I found this quilt on The Company Store/Company Kids:

These pictures make it look really pink but I think once you get it away from the super pink padded headboard you will be able to see all the blue, and green. My plan is to watch it and wait for the twin size to go on sale (and a couple of the throw pillows) and have that as my keepsake. Also I think the colors will go nicely with the lullaby breeze if I put the quilt in her room now on a quilt rack or something.

I was also worried about trying to get bedding that would blend/match/coordinate with Monks bedding. I have since decided that because there is a good chance that we will get a three bedroom apartment/house at the new duty station (which we should be at by late January), theres no point in stressing about that. So the bedding I have picked out for Monk is going to be truck/transportation themed. I have never been that crazy about this theme, but with Monk so obssessed with cars and trucks right now it made sense to put bedding that he would like. My hope is that it will be an added encouragement to sleep in his new "big boy bed". Here are the current options I really like. First is from The Company Kids:

I really like all the colors in this one. Its fun, and for the time being when the two kiddos will share I think it will go nicely with all the bright colors in Madi's bedding.

Next we have my FAVORITE from Pottery Barn Kids. Its expensive DUH! But I like that the colors are a little more subtle, which I think might last longer, as he grows up I think this set will grow up with him a bit better. I also think that this will make a wonderful keepsake quilt, and will look cute on a quilt rack, long after hes done using it. Also right now while Im waiting for the queen size quilt to go on sale, the sheet set will look super cute with Monks plain brown comforter. I can also always get one or two of the shams to put on the bed.

So thats what Im thinking right now. Im done looking at bedding lol. I figure theres no rush on Monks bedding really, although I really need him sleeping in his bed before Madi gets here, so maybe there's a little rush... sometime within the next 5 months. And Madi's well Hubs already thinks its a great deal so since that sale is only going on right now (sure it will come around again though) I think we will probably go ahead and get it... that also gives me plenty of time to return it if I need to. But since the bedding is pretty well picked out I can have fun making throw blankets, and picking out accessories! Yay!