Saturday, August 6, 2011

Madi's Bedding!

So I'm still kinda looking but I have definitely decided not to make the bedding. All the designer quilt fabrics that I like would end up costing me more money than just buying something pre-made. I figured I can always just make lots of blankets and accessories to give it that home made look. That and I dont really want to spend upwards of $250 on bedding for a crib. Id rather spend that on clothes, or a double stroller, or a dresser, or the million things on my Treasury list on Etsy. I have found soo many things that I want, I actually cleaned it out today and got rid of 4 pages of "faves" and I still have 3 pages left lol.

Oh! But I have found some bedding that I really like! It is kinda between "sweet stitches" and "lullaby breeze". Really just sweet stitches though lol. I love all the different patterns, and textures, and the mix between sophisticated embrodiery and the kinda "country" look of the plaid. It feels very hippie/eclectic!

These are picture I found online because the one on the actual bedding sale on ebay wasnt very good. You couldnt see any of the details

And in case you wanted to see the Lullaby Breeze set, here's a pic of it

I like this set but i wasnt crazy about the "thin" look of the bumper, or the lack of details on the skirt... Overall it just looked a little cheap, with the exception of the quilt.