Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheaters Suck!

I am so heart broken for my friend tonight. The Hubs and I just found out that our long time friend just got raked over the coals by a heartless whore! I know that might seem like a harsh word, but I have the least patience and absolutley no respect for cheaters. And not only did this hussy cheat but she had a year long affair with her husbands boss. They ended up divorcing but our friend just assumed it was because they had grown apart, he had no idea about the other man, until recently.

To make things worse they have two small children, so during the divorce our friend offered to give her anything she wanted so as to provide a comfortable place for his two children. After the divorce was final he found out she had maxed out all his credit cards and used their income tax return to get herself a boob job! (see what I mean... stupid tramp) Then she plays the sympathy card on FB trying to make it seem like the divorce was all his fault, instead her unfaithful, disloyal, skany ass!

I had been wondering why our friend was TAD all the time, of course he was he would talk to his SNCO and tell him the problems he was having in his marriage and the bastard would use the information to seduce his wife! His SNCO was sending him out of town all the time so he could have date nights!

So now our friend is broke, trying to pay off credit cards, paying a shitake load of child support, still paying for her car, and paying for half of her new apartment.

I feel so sorry for him, he has no friends there because he was always gone so much, and he doesnt have his kids because the wicked bitch of Nebraska has them, and he is in the Marines so its not like he can just pack up and come stay with us until he gets on his feet. But he is fighting for custody, his SNCO is in trouble (FYI is SNCO was also married...), and he found out that his evil EX was leaving their kids with friends for 3 & 4 days at a time so she could go party... So Im thinking he has a pretty good case showing that she was an unfit parent only concerned with her well being instead of the well being of her children... Hopefully all works out and he gets his kids and then gets new orders somewhere far far away from her!

Sorry to be putting all this here but Hubs is just as upset about this as I am, this guy was like family to us, and I have her on my FB but cant say anythiing to her or delete her because our friend doesnt want her to know that he told Hubs and get mad and try to deny him visitation of something like that. So for now blogging is my only real outlet to vent...

Im praying that everything turns out ok for him, and I would appreciate any prayers you could offer as well...