Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fox Army Strikes Again!

It seems that Fox Army has shown its incompetence yet again. They sent me an OB-GYN referral to a doctor that no longer excepts our insurance. A doctor coincidentally that I told them no longer accepted the insurance over 6 months ago. Apparently when they tell you they will update it in the system they have no actual intentions of doing so!

So I asked my friend Sara who she just went to, and I am going to call the insurance office today and see if I can't just switch to him. I'm not completely sold on the idea of having a male OB but this will be the fastest way to get in to be seen, and find out how far along I am, and it will also help me figure out if I will be able to go home in May for my cousin's and my aunt's weddings. That and as long as I have a doctor if Im not liking him I can always keep looking but at least still have someone to go to in case of emergency.

I havent really been sick yet... I threw up a couple of times yesterday but very little amounts and although I didnt feel great all day, other than being tired I really cant complain. I wonder if that means I just found out really early that I was pregnant, or if this pregnancy is just going to be different than it was with Monk. With Monk, I was soooo sick for four months! It felt like I got sick with him almost the next day after finding out... but then again Hubs says he remembers it differently so there's really no telling lol.

On an AWESOME baby note, my Sister, Jenn, and her partner, Liz,....Basically her wife (except Texas is still behind the times...) have finally found the "CHOSEN"! They have been looking up seed guys, for when they decide to start trying for babies this June!!!! YAY!!! I love the guy they picked. He looks like them but not too much , so there will still be some cute miscellaneous features, but their features will be able to blend into his pretty perfectly! Jenn will be carrying their first child, and they are hoping that when they decide to have their second child that this guy will still be available for Liz to use that way both kiddos will have the same "seed guy"! Isn't that awesome! I love that idea!

Im super excited for my sisters! I think they are going to make wonderful Mommies! And Im excited for my parents to have a grandbaby in their state, and Im excited for me that Im going to have a neice or nephew to spoil... all around Im just super excited!