Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~Good News~

So Monks visit with the Doctor went well. He is already over his illness, but he did have a slight double ear infection. Nothing major but he is taking antibiotics to get rid of it. He also had to get a breathing treatment, and is using his inhaler again but just for the next few days until his wheezing and coughing stops completely.

I also had a Drs appointment, and I have to say I passed with flying colors. You could say it was a real "positive" experience! I'M PREGNANT!!!!

Hubs and I have been trying for a little over a month, and found out last Weds that I was expecting. I made an appt to have it verified and to make sure it wasnt a false positive, and I am infact pregnant! Yay me!

Since the new baby will share a room with Monk I have found a theme I love and pieces that I think will look great regardless of whether its a boy or girl. The theme will be woodland animals and/or owls. The room is already decorated in my head, and let me tell you, it looks wonderful!