Sunday, June 6, 2010

[Standing on His Own Two Feet]

Yay for Monk! I was loading some pictures to the computer and Monk was standing next to me fiddling with one of his toys when all the sudden he decided to let go of the couch, just like that. He stood there for about 10 Mississippi's (yes I count M's when i want to make sure i can convey an accurate time frame lol) and then he decided he was done balancing himself and he grabbed back a hold of the couch. He went back to playing with his toy like it was no big deal, he does it all the time lol.

So I get this is the new adventure I have to look forward to. As it is he keeps trying to climb our entertainment center, and we can't leave boxes or tall-ish toys pushed up against the couch because he will climb up onto the couch... He's such a little monkey!