Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Kahuna!

!*~WARNING~*! This post is going to be extremely picture heavy! I tried to chose fewer and I couldn't because there is just way too many cute ideas to not share!

So Monk is going to have a Vintage Surf themed 1st birthday party! YAY! I LOVE sharks though so there will also be shark themed items mixed in. Since the party will be outdoors at a park, we really wont be able to do a lot of decorations. So keeping that in mind nothing will be as elaborate as below but this is where Im drawing inspiration. I am thinking of having a personal smash cake similar to the one below from LePoppy but with a shark instead of a whale, about a dozen or so cupcakes and some iced sugar cookies (kinda for decoration) and sheet cake in the shape of a vintage longboard with a large shark bite taken out.

Thanks to some wonderful ladies on the bump I have found a lot of great websites that have some awesome ideas.

Hostess with the Mostess posted this Surf Party and I love every bit of it. Sooo stinkin cute!!! I just wish I could figure out the orange jellies (there's more on her site, you should definitely go check it out and look through her other ideas):

And then I went to LePoppy Design on Etsy and her Blog and found all these wonderful pictures. Now the pictures are of a whale themed party but I can picture it in my head with sharks instead. I would love for her to put together the banner and accessories but Im not sure the price...

The cookies in this picture are acutally made by Just Iced cookies. I love the shark cookie, and the invitation with the shark bite at the bottom gave me the idea for the shark bite out of the surfboard sheet cake.

I am thinking that the main colors for the party will be Red, Orange, Gold/Yellow, and of course Blue.