Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Behind On Everything

Well I forgot to do a Sunday check in post. We had just gotten back home and there were a lot of things to clean and I spaced out. I was eating crud but walking around a lot when we were in Chattanooga so I guess it kinda of evened out. I stayed exactly the same, nothing lost but nothing gained.

Hubs has been sick (coughing, sneezing, wheezing...etc) for about two weeks now and I have been telling him to get his hiney over to medical and get checked out to make sure he wasn't sick-sick instead of just being allergy sick. I told him he needed to go and actually tell them his symptoms and let them know he has a baby at home that we would like to avoid getting sick. So he finally goes to medical but doesn't say anything I want him to. Basically they told him it's just allergies and he was in and about in about 5 minutes. :( He has been taking allergy meds since he got sick, and nothing has worked in the slightest!

To make things even better Monk got a really bad runny nose the other night, and was coughing and sneezing last night. Yesterday i woke up with a stuffy/runny nose and this morning my throat has been hurting really bad. And guess what takes the cake, Hubs leaves for a Young Marine's Parris Island trip on Monday for the week. So once again I'm alone for a week but this time Hubs gets to leave right after he makes us sick!

Besides possibly getting sick from Hubs I haven't been feeling all that great anyway. Right after I had Monk I was really moody, tired all the time, nauseous, and my vision kept getting worse not better which caused me to be dizzy a lot with frequent headaches. I assumed that these would go away after my hormones regulated but they never really did. The headaches are less frequent but thats really the only change. I already went to the doctor because I was worried that I had Diabetes. A lot of people in my family have it (or had it, but lost weight and it went away) so I figured it wasn't that big of a stretch for me to have it. But I got tested and apparently I'm good. But all my problems seem to point to blood sugar issues as the culprit, so instead of asking to get tested again I'm going to make an appointment and make the doctors figure out whats wrong. Here lately instead of just being nauseous I've been throwing up in my mouth a little. I swear if I didn't know for sure I wasn't pregnant I would think that it could be that.

So my new goals for this upcoming week are as follows:

1) Go to Walgreens and get a cleanse. Hopefully it should help with the throwing up thing.

2) Even though I feel like crud do slim in 6 at least three times this week if not everyday.

3) No sodas at all! Water preferred, Un-Sweet Tea if I need a change.

4) I have a tendency to skip meals so I am going to try to eat small size of my palm sized meals every two hours... basically I will graze. This should help keep my blood sugar on an even level as well. (even if the doctors don't think this is an issue)

5) I have been craving ice cream all the time recently so I'm going to go get a bunch of apples and every time I get a sugar craving I'll eat an apple instead. I think this is a great solution because I can put apples in my purse or the diaper bag and keep one with me at all times. I figure even though apples have a lot of sugar its still way less than any other snack that I might reach for out of convenience.

So here are my goals for this upcoming week. Wish me luck!