Monday, May 31, 2010

And We're back!

We decided to go ahead and stay an extra day since we had planned on two days from the beginning. It went very well. We spent in the aquarium. We were in there for 5 hours!!!! But we saw everything we wanted to see and Hubs got to pet the stingrays 1,000 times so it was definitely worth it.

I was however disappointed with the camera. Well to be fair it probably wasnt the camera's fault, I probably didn't use the right setting for that type of low light but super bright tanks, and fast moving fish, but still. I practiced for almost two weeks taking pictures in low light conditions with Monk moving around to make sure that I would be able to take pictures at the aquarium but once we got there most pictures were blurry or too dark to see. I took 500 pictures over the two days we were gone and after going through them I only kept 183. That's a very sad ratio. And I even kept a couple of pictures that look like crap because I liked the look on Monk's face or I wanted a picture of that moment. But I guess it was good that not all of them turned out because I had a lot of pictures of crap that I dont even remember why I took it or what it was.

We do plan to do that more often. Maybe not the staying the night part but taking day trips back up there to see the Zoo and the Creative Discovery Museum, and then also seeing other sites around us in Georgia and Northern Tennessee.

Here are a few pictures from the trip that I liked for various reasons...