Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Been a Minute...

I've been busy trying to get ready for our familia's visits! My parents will arrive Friday afternoon-ish, and then if all goes well Hub's parents will arrive the day mine leave next Wednesday. I have been having fun planning menus, trying out a few recipes (tonight I am trying crock pot ribs!), and cleaning like a mad woman!

We will be going to the Tennessee Aquarium on Saturday, and then Sunday we will go to Oktoberfest on base which looks like a lot of fun. Then I think Monday we will take Monk to Chuckie Cheese... not positive on this just yet, just something Im thinking about...

Anyways got to get back to the grind, but before I go I will share this link with you:

Rue La La

I recieved an invitation to join this "new" discount website, and well I have only shopped it today for the first time but I think it looks pretty good. It doesnt just have stuff for kids...if anything there were more things geared towards adults or home decor, than there was kids clothes. The prices seem really good though so I thought Id share. It says its invitation only, so hopefully that link gives you an invitation.

Oh and last thing, here is me 28 weeks pregnant!(Monks bathroom shower curtain is my colorful backdrop haha)