Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monk Breaks Everything

Crap! I'm having to write this from my iPhone and I'm not too happy. I just finished writing my entire post and then hit the wring button and lost everything. It said something was wrong with my post so it didn't auto save.

Blah! Basically I haven't known what to write about lately so I have been looking at different blog and blog design sites to get an idea of how I want to redecorate and right when I found some great ideas Monk pulls the laptop to the ground and steps on it. By the time I got him off the laptop wouldn't turn on and there was a rattling sound inside. Luckily we are getting a new laptop for Christmas, but we are still going to have to pay to get this one fixed since all my pictures, videos, music etc is saved on the laptop. Argh!

I need to get on the ball cleaning house! My inlaws will be here in just under two weeks :)! I know that sounds weird being excited for inlaws but despite all their crazy I do love em. We are renting a rug doctor from Lowes eventhough we own a really nice steam cleaner. Ours is little and when we first moved into this apartment I was really gung-ho about keeping the place clean and steam cleaned to often and not very well. I left so much cleaner in the carpet that it eventually started collecting dirt and turned kinda black :( Now if I go over it 17 times it looks wonderful but takes forever so I figure if I just rent a big steam cleaner my carpet will look wonderful in half the time.

I have been in a creative mood lately and have been making blankets but I can't go buy more fabric until Tuesday so I have been making due with redecorating the blog a billion times, and my house has been decorated for Christmas since before Thanksgiving hahaha.