Friday, May 14, 2010


When Monkey was born like all babies he had a lot of "crud" that always seemed to be in his eyes. And after awhile his left eye cleared up but his right eye just never did. The doctors told us to just keep massaging it and that eventually the clog would go away (they were convinced it was just a clogged tear duct). Well we massaged it for about 5 months when I got tired of listening to them tell me that was all it was and switched to a new MD. Pretty much the first thing she did was order an eye culture, so they swabbed his eye and sent it off. It may have started out as a seriously clogged duct, but it ended up being a mild staph infection. First she prescribed Monk Bacitracin and when that cleared it up a little but didn't make it go away she prescribed Gentamicin and put in for a referral to an off base Ophthalmologist. We just got approved today so I will call the new doc's office and get Monk an appt to see if we can get his eye fixed. My main concern is that something minor would keep getting overlooked until it became something major... But at least now we are getting somewhere, and look it only took 8 months! Good news though is it seems like this new prescription might be fixing the problem. With the Bacitracin Monk's eye would get real raw looking on his lower lid, and this new stuff doesn't seem to have that same affect, although I will say that with the "B" his eye gunk was non-existent after the first two applications, and now on the "G" its still there a little... I don't know I guess we will find out next week at his appointment.

Random Pictures because I thought this post should have some...more fun that way!
(Disregard the spaghetti sauce on his onesie, he decided his daddy's dinner looked good so he tried to climb into it)

I just love his "Huh?" expression!

On a better note, Monk just cut his 7th tooth! Yay for my kiddo! And I received my Ergo in the mail, and Monk LOVES it! Hubs still won't comment one way or the other about whether or not he'll use it. I have decided though that Im not going to take it to the Aquarium. I want to be able to take a lot of pictures with him standing next the glass and stuff and I think it will end up being a pain to take him in and out all day. At the aquarium he will be in his stroller, but when we go site seeing and to the Military museum and stuff I'll wear him. I'm super excited to get to use it someplace other than my apartment. Oh and I ordered my camera and it should be here Tuesday, so that will give me two or three days to play with it and see if I like it :)