Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm So Excited (And I Just Can't Hide It)

So we have been using an Infantino front to back carrier, and a Moby wrap, but now that Monkey is so big neither one of these are usable options. I tried to use the Infantino the other day when we went to the Vipers game, and his weight wasn't distributed right so my back hurt, he couldn't have been too comfortable because he was too tall for it, and his chunky little legs barely fit through the leg holes. When I try to wear him in the Moby he ends up around my knees just outside of an hour haha. (here's a picture of Hubs for memories sake)

There's no picture of me wearing him since I'm the only one who knows how to use the camera apparently haha. But I will fix that. The reason for my excitement is *drumroll please* I just ordered an Ergo! I am so excited for it to get here! I've been wanting one for a while but couldn't justify it since we had the other carriers. I just bought the plain Khaki/Camel because I figure that is the most neutral. That and if I want to get Monkey's name embroidered on it, or possibly decorate it somehow it is a light enough color it won't be an issue.