Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm a Material Girl (Living in a Material World)

So the Hubs gave me permission to just repurchase the Olympus (E420) that I already had and we had to return. Then he starts kinda hinting that he would prefer not to spend so much :( Well, frankly, that sucks! But I was already used to the idea of getting a cheaper (not so great) camera so I'll be a good sport. I changed my mind and instead of getting one of the two cams listed below Im going with this one because when I compared it to the others, it's specs looked better (not that I really understood anything).

Fujifilm S2550 12MP Digital Camera 18x Optical Zoom & 3" LCD

So I'll order this one Friday because Walmart has free shipping to home but if I "next day" it to my house its only 6 dollars and then I'll have it by our aquarium trip. If this one is crap Ill go with the Nikon from below. I was able to play with it in store and it wasn't bad.

Here is where Im uber materialistic. I figure I will get this camera and then next year or maybe the year after I'm going to ask for Christmas/Tax Return for him to get me the other camera.

Nikon D5000 Digital SLR

My thinking is that the camera I purchase now will be a huge step up from what I'm currently using and serve as a great back up once I get the Nikon D5000. Like in a year or two when we get the bigger camera, if there is a special occasion like Monk's birthday or Christmas, I can get someone else to take pictures with the Fuji and then Ill use the Nikon and the result will be a lot of great clear pictures :)

I might also go get some canvas so I can make my own backdrop for Monk's "month" pictures. I'm kinda behind on those :(. I told my mom that I'm going to scan in the month stickers she got me off etsy into the computer and play around with them on pixlr and see if I cant find my favorite picture from each month black and white it, then put the month sticker in the corner in color. This way I have a month picture but since I have forgotten a month or two to put the sticker on a onesie or shirt all the pictures will match. :) The only thing I'm not sure of is if I can get the sticker to have a clear back ground... I'll play with it this weekend and post whatever the outcome is...