Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Me :)

Early this morning Monkey was playing on the floor and I was sitting right next to him folding some laundry. I turn around and Monkey has stood himself up and started pushing the basket around the living room. It took me a second to find and turn on the camcorder but this is what I was able to catch on camera!

Oh and on another happy note, the Hubs will be getting home this evening and he is bringing me presents from Reno! I hope he brings a key chain... he was supposed to bring me a key chain from NOLA but he forgot :(.

And we have talked about it and since we have been saving our "fun money" from our tax return for our trip to Chattanooga and the aquarium, Hubs has said that since I returned my nice Olympus camera back in January that if I can find a another camera somewhere in the middle that I can get it. So Since my Olympus was $400 Im looking for one around $250-ish... and after looking extensively on the Walmart site I think I have decided to just get an upgraded digital instead of trying to find a DSLR on sale... I just want something that is going to give me really nice, high mega pixel pictures. Im not going to try to be some "wanna-be"professional so Im not thaaat worried about it... but here are some that Im looking at...

Nikon Coolpix L110 Black 12MP Digital Camera

Olympus SP-800UZ Titanium 14MP Digital Camera

Now granted if price was not an option I would want either the Canon Rebel, or the Nikon D40, I have heard awesome things about both of these and that they are really user (IE. beginner) friendly. But alas price is important...