Sunday, May 2, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

So I'm pretty sure I'm having more fun decorating my blog than I will actually writing it. I did however figure out how to use my three favorite sites today. Pixlr, Photoshop, and Photobucket. For being free I can do a heck of a lot. I also went to Whatever Life and looked through her tutorials and found out a few more cool tricks. Like how to make a picture black and white but pick certain objects to be in color :) Also you should check out Shabby Blogs and look through her site and blog. She has a tutorial that shows you how to spruce up a few things as well. Ya'll probably already knew how to do that but I had a whole bunch of fun reading and trying it out this evening.

This afternoon however was not near as much fun. Me and Hubs were cleaning the house and Monkey was bouncing in his horse jumper happy as can be. (pictures are not from today haha you wont see poo in these)

Then all the sudden this smell hits me. I mean WOW! So I check the baby and it has leaked out the bottom of his diaper down his leg and onto our carpet, where he then proceeded to jump in it! AYFKM! So I give the stink butt a bath while Hubs starts to steam clean... it took forever to get it all up, or at least that's what he said as he went over it like 30 million times. I don't blame him. For having happened in a matter of three minutes that spot was huge! The positive is that the area where he pooped was a dirty part of the carpet anyway so Hubs steam cleaning for so long and so thoroughly got the area super clean. Yay!

So after an afternoon of cleaning and slightly re-arranging the furniture my house is half cleaned. It wasn't that our place was that dirty, I think it's just that we clean that slowly haha. Cleaning the other half will give me something to do this week...