Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Black Bag

Ok, so its been almost a year since I last blogged. I just realized that my life wasnt very interesting. Stay at home mom to two little ones, and no adult interaction just didnt offer a whole lot to blog about.

Well lately I have been addicted to a website that is just the most fun, and addicting thing. Its called Little Black Bag, and basically you pay $54.95 to pick one item from a gallery of over 400 items. There's purses, wallets, makeup, jewelry, home decor... and more!They have nice brands too! Steve Madden, Big Buddha, Koret, Vieta, Kennneth Cole, Betsey Johnson...etc. Once you pick your fave item, you go to check out where your 'stylists' pick you 2 - 3 more items, these are your 'mystery picks'. The bag's value will be $100 minimum, but sometimes could be as high as $150. Once you purchase the bag, your mystery picks will be revealed. If you are happy with the items you can ship right then and there, but if you dont like an item, you can trade it!

There's a new gallery that will open to you that contains all the items in all the open bags on the site. You now have 7 days to trade away to your perfect bag!

I dont remember what I started with on my first bag, but I did start off with a 50% off promo code, so this first bag only cost me $29.95 shipped. Here's what I ended up with: a purse and some sunnies! For $30 I am very pleased with how things ended up.

Im going to start trying to remember what I started with, and then post my ending bag. Mainly for me, but just incase anyone else is interested.

Again, I dont remember what I started with, but here's my most recent ending bag! I didn't have any promo codes this time, so I paid the full $54.95 shipped. I got much better at trading this bag, and took a few more risks. I think the outcome is awesome! i plan on gifting them for Christmas!

If you are interested in signing up, if you could click on my link, I get a free $25 item for every person that signs up using it and ends up buying and shipping a bag!

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