Sunday, May 23, 2010

!Truth or Dare!

Well since I said I would check in weekly, I guess I'll choose truth. I weighed myself for the first time on Tuesday morning but think it would be easier to weigh myself from this point further on Sunday mornings.

So this "week" I lost 5 lbs. I have decided to go ahead and put my weight because it puts the losses in perspective. If I weighed 110 lbs, 5 lbs would be a lot of weight lost, but I am no where near 110. I started this weighing 245 lbs, and I currently weigh 240. My overall goal is to eventually get down to at least 145. But I will do baby step goals in between. Like my current goal is to get down to 200 by Monk's first birthday in September. We want to start trying for baby #2 in January and I want to be at least 180 before I get pregnant again.

I have cut out sodas, so I only drink un-sweet tea and water. I have cut back on junk food. I won't cut that out completely because that will just make me want it more, so I'm giving myself that in moderation, once a week. I have also been trying to make sure that I do my slim in six DVD everyday. I knew I was out of shape, but holy crap!

Well I better get off before the computer over heats and turns off again. I still need to go figure out what I'm going to do about that. I either need to get a new computer or get this one fixed... I'll start shopping around this week.

So I've told you where I'm at and where I want to be. I'm on the right track, but I have a looong way to go.